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 Top Rated Home Alarm Monitoring:

With over 1 million customers, Monitronics is among the largest alarm monitoring companies in the United States. Premiere Tech Security features Monitornics home security systems for Brentwood, TN and surrounding communities.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Nominated four-time monitoring company of the year by Frost and Sullivan
  • 2013 Police Dispatch Quality Award
  • Received Consumer Choice award for excellence in business and customer service three years running

Cellular Communications:

Relying on a wired phone connection for your alarm monitoring can put you in a dangerous situation if an intruder can cut the wire and disable your alarm.  Premier Tech Security features a better approach home security in Brentwood, TN. The advantage of our monitored security system is that it utilizes cellular communications which eliminates that risk to ensure that in an emergency the monitoring center will still be notified.

Two Way Voice

Two Way Voice:

Communication with our home monitoring agents has never been easier.  You don’t need to wait for a phone call because our home security system has two way voice, meaning that you can quickly get a response from our agents directly through your alarm monitor.

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Interactive Services:

This day in age a home security system should offer much more than just alerting of an intruder.  Premier Tech Security systems is no exception and offers numerous benefits for residents of Brentwood, TN, such as:

  • Home Security – Peace of mind with today’s latest technology
  • Alerts – Customized alerts to manage your household activities
  • Video Monitoring – See LIVE video of what is occurring at your home
  • Remote Access Services – Control your home while at work or vacation
  • Experience it for yourself
Home Emergencies

Home Emergencies:

Having an emergency alert system for an elderly family member living in Brentwood, TN can give you even greater peace of mind.  Our panic pendants can be carried on a key chain or worn around the wrist or neck so that it is never out of reach.  In the event of a fall often times it is impossible to get to the phone, but Premier Tech Security pendants can be activated from anywhere in your home, and it’s even water resistant!  When this is combined with our other Brentwood safety and security services, you can rest assured knowing you have complete protection.  Your elderly loved one can communicate with our agents while you receive alerts and monitor the home from a distance. You can even unlock the doors for a neighbor or emergency personnel to provide immediate assistance for a home in Brentwood.
Contact us at Premier Tech Security today to learn more about our Brentwood home security services and experience for yourself how protecting your home and your loved ones has never been easier!

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