L5200The Lynx L5200 is by far our most popular choice when it comes to protecting what’s most valuable to our customers and it’s easy to see why. With the latest in technology and easy to use touch screen keypad the L5200 is rich in features and services.

L3000PK Armed loThe Lynx L3000 is the perfect option for those of us who want the best in home detection without all the tech features. The L3000 still supports all the services offered by Premier Tech Security, just on a scaled back level.

Wireless Family hiPremier Tech Security, LLC provides you with a complete line of detection devices. No matter what your peace of mind calls for we can take care of all your needs. Your peace of mind is our business after all!

Smoke DetectorPremier Tech Security, LLC offers a wide range of life safety devices for our customers. Smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detection are all a part of what a Premier Tech Security customers can take advantage.

KwiksetWe are proud to partner Kwik-set, the most widely used lock in the US. Available in brass, bronze, and polished nickel, Premier Tech Security offers a full range of Z Wave locks to enhance your security experience.

 Serving the Murfreesboro and Franklin surrounding communities, Premier Tech Security provides home security alarms, cameras, and wireless systems for advanced home protection.

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