If you’ve ever considered having an alarm system installed in your home but decided against it, you might want to think again. While many people think that security systems are overkill and unnecessary, it just takes one moment to prove their importance.

The good news is, you don’t have to be the victim of a home invasion to understand the importance of a security system. With today’s technology, you can actually watch some of the most frightening home invasions.

These security cameras do their jobs and record some of the scary things that can happen when someone breaks into your home. Once you see footage of these invasions, you won’t doubt the necessity of a home security system.

Take a look at these 5 frightening home invasions caught on security cameras:


1.  After Repeated Burglaries

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68-year-old Margaret Woodward experienced multiple burglaries in her home over the course of a year. With no idea what was happening, police installed security cameras to try and catch a glimpse of the culprit in action.

With security cameras in place, they were able to see the repeat burglar, 51-year-old Patrick Reid, creeping around Margaret as she dozed in a living room chair. The video shows Reid walking right up to Margaret to make sure she was asleep. He then proceeded to search her mobility scooter and enter another room nearby.

One of the most chilling things about the video is that you can see how callous and “at home” the burglar felt. He wasn’t concerned at all that the resident was right there in the room with him.

The video also shows Margaret being awakened by the intruder. She wakes when he is right next to her, spots him, and then gets up to grab a walking stick and chase him from her home.

2.  Mom Held Hostage in Her Home

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Young single mom Katie O’Connor put a nanny cam in her apartment to keep an eye on her daughter. She never imagined she would capture herself on film being held hostage and robbed.

After mentioning to a friend that she planned on selling a set of tools her boyfriend had left behind, Katie had two men and a woman break into her home. The woman was the same friend she had told about the tools.

The video shows them entering the home. One of the men grabs Katie and puts her in a chokehold while the other man robs her. Eventually the nanny cam is noticed and one man yells for the woman to get rid of the camera and for Katie to be tied up.

The three criminals leave with Katie’s rent and college money, a safe, and the tools.

3.  Firing at Home Intruders

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A woman and her boyfriend were asleep in their home when a security camera captured three men breaking in and creeping around. The three men crept up the stairs while at least one of them carried a knife. While there, they gathered supplies, including cable that the couple believes was intended for tying them up.

When the intruders come back downstairs and start creeping towards another area of the house, the woman begins firing a gun. As she shoots, the intruders run out of sight of the camera and flee from a window.

The woman’s boyfriend wakes up and searches the rest of the house while the woman stands in view, still pointing her gun towards where the intruders fled.

4.  Sleeping Children and Burglars with Guns

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In Orlando, Florida, Al Vera’s 10 and 13-year-old grandchildren were visiting and sleeping on his couches in the living room. Security cameras show burglars entering the home brandishing a gun and proceeding to creep around the children as they slept.

The children continued to sleep as the burglars took items from the home and then left without incident. They got away with a cell phone, a gun, and credit cards.

The most frightening thing about the incident is the realization that anything could have happened to the vulnerable children.

5.  Family Held at Gunpoint

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An Arizona family was held at gunpoint when three men broke in with weapons. The security system showed that the men were initially confronted by the homeowner, whom they grabbed and hit violently.

Other family members came out to see what was happening and were immediately forced back into the house. There they, along with the man who was struck, were held at gunpoint while the intruders robbed them.

After only taking wallets, the three men escaped and the family was freed.


Premier Home Security Systems

These horrific crimes are simply a taste of what can happen if someone breaks into your home. While not everything is preventable, with Premier Home security systems in place, you can do your best to protect your home from invasion.

You can see that when someone is out to commit a home invasion, there’s not much that will stop them. They don’t always wait until everyone is away from home. Do your part to protect your home and family from unwanted intruders.

Premier Security alarm monitoring is an inexpensive way to keep your family safe. Prevent your family from having a starring role in the next home invasion video with an effective security system from Premier.