• Live Video Surveillance – Get access to real-time footage of your property from any angle. We’ll set these HD video cameras up in both high-trafficked and secluded areas as well as those prone to criminal threats or accidents.

  • Front Door Sensor – Receive automated alerts if a door is left open for an extended period or opened unprompted after closing. Consistently updated reports give you oversight on the hourly, daily, and weekly traffic situation within your place of business.

  • Light Control – Easily control your business’s lighting so that your property remains illuminated during business hours or when you want to stave off would-be criminals.

  • Smart Thermostat – Automatically control your thermostats’ settings in order to boost comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Interior Door Sensor – Receive automated alerts via email and text when your business gets accessed at a time when it shouldn’t.
  • Image Sensor – Set up a motion sensor to take a picture when motion gets detected in an area where people shouldn’t be whether that’s behind a restricted area or in the business itself. These integrate in directly with your business security system.

  • Temp Sensor – Easily monitor temperatures within your business even when you’re not onsite for optimized temperature control.

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