Whether you’re switching your home security system in order to get better service or picking a new security system for the first time, it’s vital that you feel confident in the system that you’re purchasing. Both Brinks and ADT are the longest running security companies, and in fact, they’re probably some of the most reputable companies out there.

Both of the companies are over 100 years old, as both were founded in the 1800s. So, if you’re looking for companies that have been around, both of these names fit the bill. However, as you know, the security system industry is changing rapidly, so there are a lot of technologies that need to be included in modern day systems.

The question is: Are Brinks and ADT be up to par when it comes to the industry standards in the contemporary day? Today, we’re going to compare both systems, in order to see if they are reputable. By the end, you’ll know whether or not you’re interested in investing in a Brinks or ADT security system.

What Equipment Options Do Brinks and ADT Offer?

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In terms of the equipment that both companies offer, the selection is comparable, and neither company blows the other one out of the water. Both of the security systems offer their customers a sleek touch screen device, that will host all of the security functions. While ADT named its device and app the ADT Control, Brinks named its device the Home Hub. Although these are technically different pieces of equipment, both serve the same purpose.

Security Panels

Home Security Systems

Each hub allows its user to add different features, like security sensors, hazard sensors, and cameras. These features will allow you to ensure that you’re as safe as possible, so it’s a perk that both companies offer this.

Security Devices

Motion Sensors & Wireless Contacts

Also, both Brinks and ADT offer these pieces of equipment: the door sensor, the window sensor, mention sensors, glass break sensors, garage door and tilt sensors. Again, it’s great that ADT and Brinks offer these features, but it’s also the industry standard these days, so it wouldn’t be a good sign if they didn’t offer these things.

Hazard Sensors

Smoke Detector

Beyond security sensors, both Brinks and ADT offer other types of sensors, too. Each company offers things like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water leak and flood detectors. Of course, these are important safety features, too. So, if you’re in the market for security systems with added benefits, both of these systems are good choices.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Both ADT and Brinks offers its customers indoor and outdoor cameras, so if you have a break in attempt, you’re going to be fully covered. Although both companies offer these features, when it comes down to camera quality, both companies have slightly different camera qualities, but neither is bad.

Finally, ADT has a control tablet that has a built-in chip, that will connect to cellular data if the Wi-Fi goes down. This is important, especially if you’re in a situation where there’s a break in during a Wi-Fi outage. Brinks is slightly outdated in this department, because they offer a cellular data backup, but you’ve got to use a separate device, in order to get the backup connection to activate.

Equipment Winner: ADT

What’s the Difference in the Installation Process?

Video Surveillance Installation

Both Brinks and ADT systems have professional installation options. So, no matter which system you decide to install, you’re going to be able to have professionals come out to put in the system. This is incredibly beneficial if you’re anxious about making mistakes during the installation process. Both companies are known for providing their customers with a great installation process, but the process is going to be a little bit different depending on which company you choose.

For example, ADT is known for being less personable than Brinks, when the technician comes to install your system. Another difference between the two companies when it comes to installation, is the fact that it costs $99 dollars to install with ADT, while it costs $0 with Brinks.

Installation Process Winner: Brinks

What’s the Difference between the Monitoring Options?

Alarm Monitoring

As both ADT and Brinks offer professional installation services, both ADT and Brinks also make professional monitoring a requirement, too. So, your security system is going to be attached to a monitoring center, which will ensure that you’re always protected. If something happens and your security system senses a problem, the monitoring center will get a notification. This means, that the security center will send a notification to the local fire, hospital, or police services in your area, and you’ll be on your way to getting help.

Also, if there is something dangerous like a gas leak that is happening in your home, the correct response team will be notified in this instance, too. No matter what kind of emergency unfolds, your ADT and your Brinks system is going to be able to get help, immediately. However, Brinks has a 5-diamond center that has won multiple JD Power Awards.

Alarm Monitoring Winner: Brinks

What’s the Difference between the Home Automation Services?

Smart Home App

In today’s world, one of the most innovative advancements in home security technology, is home automation features. Not only can security systems take care of your basic safety, but they are also able to do things like lock your home, adjust thermostats, and turn off the lights.

In theory, if your kids forget to turn off the lights before they leave for practice, you’ll be able to turn off the lights yourself, from your phone. Or, your security system will be programmed to turn off your lights whenever anyone leaves the house with geofencing technology. No matter how you structure your system to work, the system should be able to control basic functioning in your house automatically. There’s no need to flip on a light switch by yourself anymore.

Both systems are equipped with the capability to talk to Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant system. And, both of these systems are able to use smart speakers, play back audio that was recorded at previous times, or show security clips. In other words, both of these systems have a lot of great features, and their home automation services are on par with the current technology in the field.

Home Automation Winner: Tie

What’s the Difference Between the Costs?

When it comes down to it, for a lot of people, picking the right security system is going to depend on how much the system costs. Unfortunately, Brinks and ADT are not very good at broadcasting their prices, so you have to do a little bit of sleuthing in order to find the correct prices.

When it comes to ADT, you should expect that it’s going to cost at least $450 for a base system. However, this is not going to include everything you’ll need. That price includes the system itself, three sensors for the entry way, and one motion sensor. If you want to add onto that, you’re going to have to pay more. On average, customers pay around $800 for a full system.

Brinks costs around eight hundred dollars as well. For a Brinks system, you should expect to pay about $800 for three entry way sensors, a motion sensor, an outdoor camera, a video camera for the doorbell, and the system itself.

All in all, ADT is slightly more affordable than the Brinks system, but the two are relatively comparable in price. When it comes down to it, both offer payment plans that are relatively flexible, so if you’d rather go on a payment plan, you have that option, regardless of what system you opt for.

System Costs Winner: ADT (barely)

So, Which Company is Better?

Security Systems

You might be wondering which system is better, because we’ve spent a lot of time saying that each system is relatively comparable. However, when you look at things in closer detail, it’s clear that the winner is Brinks. There are a few reasons that Brinks is the best security system. But the main reason is that Brinks has more advanced and streamlined equipment. 

Also, Brinks has more advanced monitoring services, because it has UL-Listed monitoring facilities that are all identically set up. Finally, Brinks is better priced if you get a complete smart home security system. It has the capability to connect to assistants like Alexa in ways that are convenient and streamlined, while Brinks is a little bit harder to navigate.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a new security system, it’s probably best to consult a local security company. They can typically get better deals on systems and monitoring when compared to national companies. is probably your best bet, but it’s a good idea to talk to security professionals before you make any choices. If you’re interested in getting a new security system, contact us. We’re more than happy to answer any questions that you might have about your new security system.

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