Home Security

Energy Management For Your Home

Live more comfortably and more affordably with a smarter and more energy-efficient home. Through Premier Tech Security’s smart home solution, you can manage your property’s energy consumption from a single dashboard. Through this, you can:

  • Remotely control your thermostat and lighting from a mobile device or laptop
  • Reduce energy usage without sacrificing comfort
  • Receive automated notifications via email and text about thermostat fluctuations
  • Optimize your home’s energy consumption with personalized performance

Easily integrate your home’s lighting and thermostat into our state-of-the-art security systems to stick to energy efficiency goals.

Only use energy when it’s needed. Set automated schedules to conserve energy when you’re away at work for the day or during an extended vacation.

Receive customizable alerts when your thermostats get moved up or down a certain amount.

Lock-out people you don’t want messing with the thermostat

Conveniently control your home’s energy usage via your smart device. Monitor water consumption, sump pump efficiency, look out for leaks, and shut off water access remotely.

Gain control over your home’s temperature, water, lights, and motion and window sensors with just the tap of a button for real smart home functionality and protection.