Home Security

Home Video Monitoring

When you’re not at home, it’s easy to imagine the worst-case scenario as you worry about what security threats could potentially threaten your loved ones or belongings. At Premier Tech Security, we only use home security systems with robust and state-of-the-art home video monitoring solutions. This way, you’ll always have visual access to your home so you don’t ever have to wonder what’s going on. You’ll feel less stressed knowing these key features are keeping you better connected:

Grainy and low-quality footage doesn’t do anything but cause confusion and heighten worries. Our surveillance is caught in HD quality with unrivaled low light performance, ensuring the footage captured is crystal clear and viewable on all kinds of devices.

Easily see and interact with people who come to your front door with a dynamic doorbell camera that comes complete with a two-way communication feature allowing you to speak with visitors through your phone.

It’s impossible to plan when criminals or accidents strike. That’s why our home video monitoring systems are active 24/7.

Easily and conveniently close and open your garage door from your mobile device and receive automated alerts when it’s accidentally left open.

Live footage integrates directly with your home’s security system. When alarming activity is detected, you’ll receive automated, multi-channel alerts.

Easily move the camera’s around from your smart device to get multiple angles for a more comprehensive view.

All video is automatically uploaded to a cloud system to ensure it’s tamper-proof, easily accessible, and properly protected.