Motion sensor

Premier’s Motion Sensors

The purpose of having a motion sensor is to detect intruders. The sensor alerts the home security control panel and sends instant notifications to both you and your monitoring service. With its high-performance and easy installation, the sleek, discreet design of the motion detector can blend in with any decor, and the housing even allows for custom painting to further blend in.

  • Pet Friendly up to 40 lbs.
  • PIR Detects Difference Between Pets & Humans

  • Extreme Long Lasting Battery if Not Hard Wired
  • Range 35′ x 40′ pattern

  • 6′ to 8′ mounting height

Motion Sensor Placements

Importance of Motion Sensors in Your Home

When it comes to monitoring your home, motion sensors play a vital role. They detect any movement in areas where there shouldn’t be any. The best placement for indoor motion detectors is in the corners of rooms, at a height of about six to eight feet. To ensure the best protection, it’s important to cover all entry points inside your home.

At Premier Tech Home Security, we help you find the best spots for your motion sensors to ensure that your home is fully covered and secure, both inside and out. Call us today for your Nashville home security needs!

What are Motion Sensors?

Motion sensors are devices that detect movement or changes in the position of objects within their field of view. They are commonly used for security, automation, and energy efficiency applications. There are several types of motion sensors including infrared, microwave, and ultrasonic sensors. Infrared sensors detect changes in temperature, while microwave sensors detect changes in the electromagnetic field. Ultrasonic sensors use sound waves to detect movement.

How can they be used?

Motion sensors can be used to activate lights, alarms, cameras, and other security systems. In energy efficiency applications, motion sensors can be used to automatically turn off lights or appliances when a room is empty.

Preventing False Triggers

It is important to note that motion sensors can also have false triggers, such as pets or passing vehicles, so their placement and sensitivity settings should be carefully considered when minimizing false alarms.

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