Wireless Contact Detector


Wireless contacts are devices used in home security systems. They primarily detect the opening and closing of doors and windows. These devices typically consist of two parts. First, a sensor that is mounted on the door or window frame. The second, a magnet that is attached to the door or window itself. So, when the door or window is opened, the magnet moves away from the sensor which triggers an alarm or alert to the security control panel.

  • Immediate alert when window and door contacts move
  • Alerts go to your smartphone or monitoring station
  • Put on any item with open and close motion
  • Use on windows, doors, cabinets, safes, and more
  • Peace of mind knowing things are closed up tightly
  • Good intruder deterrent
  • Works with your existing Wi-Fi
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How do Wireless Contacts Work?

Wireless contacts use radio frequency (RF) signals to communicate with the control panel, eliminating the need for hardwired connections, making them more convenient and easy to install. Wireless contacts are an important component in a home security system as they provide an early warning of a potential intrusion, allowing homeowners to take appropriate action.

At Premier Tech Home Security, we help you find the best spots for contacts to ensure that your home is fully covered and secure, both inside and out. So, call us today for your Nashville home security needs!

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