Home Security

Smart Home Automation

Homes represent one of the most important and intimate areas of our life. This is where you live, eat, sleep, engage with your loved ones, and store some of your most valuable possessions. With our home automation solutions, you can have your home’s functionality optimized to fit the way you and your family engage with your property’s various devices and how you go about daily activities. Here are some advantages of using our smart home security system:

  • Save money on your energy bills through location-based automation
  • Easily time your thermostat and lighting based
  • Customize your notifications and alerts by integrating smart devices
  • Remotely monitor and secure access points
  • Control multiple facets of your home security system with a single touch
  • Automatically adjust several features simultaneously through programmable settings
  • Connect with various devices such as Google Home, Echo, Amazon TV, Apple TV, and smartphone
  • Personalize triggers depending on activity types, time of the day, or specialized sensors
  • Increase your home’s energy efficiency with geo-based services
  • Integrated AI picks up on your daily activities to alert you to abnormalities