As we near the end of summer, it’s time to start thinking about back to school time. During the first couple of weeks of school, it can take kids and families a bit of time to adjust to a new routine. This school year, some more new home security technologies and devices can help make the transition from summer to the year school year a bit easier. From smart blinds to smart alarm clocks, use today’s modern technology to help get prepared for this school year.

Consider these tools to help your family prepare for back-to-school time.

Keyless Entry

Adding a keyless entry to your home can help make a new school routine easier. Using a smart lock, you and your family can enter your home with just a simple code. Each family member creates a unique passcode that can unlock the code. This allows parents to keep an eye on who is entering the home and at what time.

Taking advantage of these new technologies helps limit the need for a physical key. This gives kids one less thing to worry about (and to lose) and eliminates the need for problems getting into the home. For working parents, this is a huge advantage! Not to mention, this helps ensure a safer home than a standard lock and key.

Smart Alarm Clocks

When the back-to-school time comes, many children struggle to adapt to a new sleeping schedule. For kids who slept in all summer, waking up early all of a sudden can be a struggle. A smart alarm clock can help make getting up for school easier. Kids can set their smart alarm clock in a breeze via voice commands and create schedules based on their school day. Smart alarm clocks and other home automation devices offer many helpful features to ensure your kids will get up on time for school.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Installation

Adding video surveillance through a smart home security camera can help you keep tabs on your kids and home while you’re away. Working parents can access their home video surveillance from anywhere using their phones or tablet. This allows you to check that your kids are home from school safely each day. Many platforms allow you to set up customized notifications to ensure your kids are home from school on time.

Smart Blinds

Smart Blinds

When your kids get home from school, make sure the lighting is perfect for their afternoon snack and homework time. Smart blinds can be adjusted on a schedule, allowing you to customize how much light enters the home at specific points throughout the day. Set a custom schedule with your smart blinds to be just right at the time your kids get home from school. While your kids are away, you can close the blinds on a timer to ensure your home is safe.

Get Ready for Back to School

If you are looking to get back to school and also be the smartest home on the block, reach out to Premier Tech Home Security of Nashville (and all middle Tennessee) today.