When the security of your home or business, your family, your customers, and employees, and your property is at stake you want to know that you are fully protected. Your home or business security cameras, and equipment is just one part of the security equation. The most cutting-edge security alarm on the market cannot protect your home without an alarm monitoring company on the other end to analyze the signals sent by your home or business security system, and dispatch the appropriate authorities or first responders.

While the majority of security alarm monitoring providers advertise alarm monitoring services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, there are other variables that factor into the overall effectiveness of the alarm monitoring service provided. In other words, not all security alarm monitoring services are created equal.

Rating Security Alarm Monitoring Services

The Monitoring Association (TMA) was created to evaluate and rate security alarm monitoring services to provide homeowners and business owners with a true picture of the level of protection they are receiving from their alarm monitoring company.

This Association is an independent group of industry experts that makes use of a variety of tools and metrics to analyze the service and performance of individual security alarm services and generate a rating for each service provider.

The overarching goals of The Monitoring Association are twofold. The professionals at TMA are passionate about security, and to that end, their primary aim is to ensure that consumers are aware of the level of protection that they will receive when they select a security alarm monitoring service to watch over their home or business property.

Additionally, TMA coordinates and collaborates with local, federal, and international law enforcement authorities, emergency first responder organizations, insurance providers, security equipment manufacturers, and government regulatory agencies in effort to create a solid working relationship with these vital sectors.

TMA focuses on these two core areas congruently to ensure that customers are always receiving the highest quality of protection from their security alarm monitoring services provider.

To that end, TMA uses a diamond rating system to rate and certify individual security alarm monitoring service centers.

The Diamond Rating System

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There are a number of factors that go into rating a monitoring company. The system rates the performance and effectiveness of security alarm monitoring service providers. While the precise variables involved in the development of the TMA diamond rating system is beyond the scope of this article, we can provide details about what it takes to earn TMA’s coveted 5-Diamond certification.

There are currently more than 3700 security alarm monitoring stations. These are otherwise referred to as central stations, in operation across the United States. Of those 3,700 plus stations, only 200 have achieved TMA’s 5-Diamond Central Station Certification. That means that only around 5% of all security alarm monitoring service stations in North America are operating with a 5-Diamond rating from TMA.

There is a small number of security alarm monitoring service companies who have achieved a 5-Diamond Certification. This is due in large part to the rigorous standards, and commitments required to achieve this top-tier rating. Service providers must meet the following five strict criteria to be certified.

1.   Commit To Regular Inspections To Ensure Adherence To Quality Standards

5-Diamond Certified central stations must open their facilities to regular random inspection to confirm that the station is adhering to a strict set of quality standards developed and enforced by TMA. The inspections themselves are carried out by third-party nationally-recognized testing laboratories which possess the robust infrastructure and expertise needed to conduct these exacting quality control inspections. Currently, TMA partners with FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), and other well-respected agencies to perform the required inspections.

2.   A Demonstrated Commitment To Exemplary Customer Service

5-Diamond Certified central stations demonstrate a consistent ability to provide the highest quality of customer service possible. From communication between customers and service center staff. To the quality of the alarm monitoring, and dispatch services. And even each alarm activation event, there’s a lot. 5-Diamond rated central stations go above and beyond to provide top quality service in every aspect of a call.

3.   A Commitment To Continued Education & Training

To earn, and retain a 5-Diamond rating from TMA, security alarm monitoring service providers must commit to providing ongoing staff training, and continuing education opportunities that ensure that all team members remain fully educated, and knowledgeable on  security industry standards, regulations, and best practices. Additionally, central stations must participate in TMA sponsored training events, meetings, and industry shows.

4.   Commitment to Advancing The State Of The Industry

A 5-Diamond certified central station must do more than simply adhere to the current security industry standards. It must commit to a better state of the security industry as a whole.

5.   Commitment To Reduce False Alarm Dispatch Events

Finally, every 5-Diamond certified security alarm monitoring service company must show the development of implementation of central station best practices. As well as regular operating procedures designed to reduce, or prevent false alarm dispatch events. Hopefully dispatchers carefully check calls & reduce emergency resources for false alarms. This helps to decrease the strain on limited emergency responder and public safety budgets. This ensures that vital resources are available when and where they are truly needed.

Security alarm monitoring stations who are able to meet these exacting standards earn the respected 5-Diamond Certification. This indicates to consumers that they are getting the most cutting-edge, professional, and dedicated protection the industry has to offer. What’s more, 5-Diamond certified central stations must re-certify annually. This ensures that they maintain the highest levels of service year after year.

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